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Wood is good

As a versatile and renewable resource, wood is still one of the most important plant products as a raw material for further processing as well as renewable fuels.

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Woodworking terminology

Woodworking means the manufacturing and machining of workpieces made of wood with the help of tools. Part of the products are destined for direct use, while another part becomes components of other products.

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Production levels in woodworking

Woodworking is the first stage of production from raw wood to semi-finished goods.

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Woodworking history

At least since the Paleolithic, wood has been used extensively to produce energy, as a throwing object, to make tools and as building material.

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Ecological advantages of wood

Easy processing and low energy consumption during harvesting and processing help to improve the ecological assessment of wood products. They are number one in life-cycle-assessment.

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Woodworking technology

Woodworking technology describes different manufacturing processes to convert wood, through various stages of production, into semi-finished or finished products.

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Importance of wood

Wood is one of the oldest and most important raw materials known to man. The annual wood production exceeds the amounts of steel, aluminum and concrete.

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Properties of wood

The properties of wood are characterized by its organic nature. Wood properties are fundamentally species-specific, but also vary within a species due to the origin of the wood.

Welcome to Woodworking Technology Switzerland
HBT Schweiz Suisse Switzerland

HBT Switzerland is a community of interest in the field of woodworking technology and a synonym of Swiss quality products. We ensure the image of a creative and forward-oriented woodworking industry. Being the co-organiser of the Swiss HOLZ fair, we substantially contribute to offer manufacturers a way to promote their innovations against national and international competition.  

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Member services

On the national level

Being the co-organiser of the Swiss HOLZ fair, we offer to our members a platform to present their woodworking machinery, tools, materials and accessories as well as their latest innovations. HOLZ is the most important get-together of the woodworking industry in Switzerland. 

On the international level

HBT Switzerland is an active member of the European umbrella organisation EUMABOIS, grouping 14 European countries and representing about 800 companies. They generate in Europa about 56% of the world's production of woodworking machinery and tools of high-standing quality. Profiting from EUMABOIS' global tradefair marketing efforts in all the important fairs in the world, HBT Switzerland is able to provide for its members easier access to the most important key markets also outside Europe. Furthermore, different working groups within EUMABOIS, consisting of representatives of all the member organisations, keep working on establishing and developing harmonised standards. 

Innovation, quality, diversity

Our members are active in the fields of woodworking machinery and tools, plant engineering and construction, process supporting plants and components, material and semi-finished products, hardware, auxiliary materials and accessories as well as specific IT and services.